Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flowers in spring

Spring is the season when all kind of flowers bloom. Adorn yourself with this flowers necklace especially during spring.
Length: approximately 44cm

Price: RM 25.00

Status: Available

Item Code: HNL100725

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Free gift - Rose ear studs

Hello.. We are giving out these rose ear studs (worth RM 5.00 per pair) for free! Customers who purchase with total amount for more than RM 35.00, do let us know the item code of your choice. While stock last..

For those who would like to purchase these ear studs, do email us and we'll check its availability.
rose ear studs all

Rose ear studs # 1

rose ear studs all
Size: approximately 0.9cm

Item Code:
White: ES091211-S-W
Black: ES091211-S-B
Purple: ES091211-S-P
Orange: ES091211-S-O
Yellow: ES091211-S-Y
Green: ES091211-S-G

Rose ear studs# 2

Size: approximately 1.1cm

Item Code:
White: ES091211-M-W
Black: ES091211-M-B
Purple: ES091211-M-P
Orange: ES091211-M-O
Yellow: ES091211-M-Y
Green: ES091211-M-G

Rose ear studs# 3

sweet violets necklace
Size: appromimately 1.3cm

Item Code:
Purple: ES091211-L1-PP
Pink: ES091211-L1-P1
Light pink: ES091211-L1-P2
Green: ES091211-L1-G